Your car is grazing and losing power, you feel it can stall at any time? This little trouble sometimes takes place on a Chevrolet Cruze and it is important to identify the reason because it can have more serious consequences in the future. In this article, we will try to give you an answer and identify all the potential causes that can make your Chevrolet Cruze graze.who-grazes-chevrolet-cruze

Factors that makes your Chevrolet Cruze graze


The first thing to do as an analysis on your Chevrolet Cruze is to clean the various parts. Actually, dirty parts can cause acceleration problems. So verify your filters, as air and fuel go through this path before reaching the injectors. If the road was blocked, think of it as a blocked highway, everything isretarded down. Clean them, and if they are too old, it is reasonable to change them.

Injectors of your Chevrolet Cruze:

Directly related to these filters, the injectors receive the fuel through the filters, and then supply the combustion chamber, where the spark plugs ignite the fuel, which enables your Chevrolet Cruze to move forward thanks to this process. If you had poor quality fuel or simply fouling at this level, the pressure of the injection pump could be affected, and therefore combustion would no longer be correct. Of course, this will be experienced in the acceleration of your Chevrolet Cruze.


As described above, the spark plugs ignite the fuel once it reaches the combustion chamber. If it hasn’t had any problems so far, maybe that’s where it comes from. If the spark plugs are defective and have difficulties igniting the fuel, you will have trouble driving smoothly with your Chevrolet Cruze. Check them and change them if necessary.

Hoses of your Chevrolet Cruze:

In your Chevrolet Cruze, you have small hoses that are similar to small pipes that also enable the transport of different fluids. They need to absolutely remain waterproof, otherwise you will also find yourself grazing because the fuel or oxygen supply will not be heterogeneous.


Another point to verify if the Chevrolet Cruze grazes is the calculator. This one is responsible for the ignition but also for the injection. It sends orders electronically to make sure that this task is completed. Imagine a conductor giving inconsistent instructions to the orchestra, it would end into a rather chaotic situation. The same is true for your Chevrolet Cruze, which would end up grazing. If the calculator is involved , it becomes more difficult to manage yourself. It is more sensible to go to a garage to have it recalibrated or replaced if it is not repairable.

Conclusion :

Here are the main motives that could cause your Chevrolet Cruze to graze. It is necessary to note that it is often dirty and generally poorly maintained parts that will cause this. Try to regularly check on the inside of your Chevrolet Cruze by cleaning what you can.

If perhaps you have any further questions about the Chevrolet Cruze, do not hesitate to consult our Chevrolet Cruze category.