You have unfortunately scratched your Ford E Series very slightly and you want to repair this alone without having to go through the garage? It is possible to do it yourself, granted you know the colour code of your vehicle in order to find the exact same colour of your Ford E Series and therefore be able to put on a layer without any trace. There are indeed many different shades of color and this is not delimited to red blue or green for example.
With this code, you may also know to know, for example, if you bought your used Ford E Series, if the colour is not the original one. When you have discovered the code, look on the internet to see which colour it corresponds to by comparing it to your vehicle.
So let’s get to the point, how do I come across this paint code on my Ford E Series?
First, you have to know what it looks like. You will find a code in general on a label or metal plate, composed of 3 or 4 alphanumeric characters.find-color-code-ford-e-series

Find paint code on your Ford E Series

In the documentation

It is indeed possible to obtain this colour code in the vehicle documentation, in general a lot of essential information is in these papers, so you must always keep them when driving your Ford E Series.
If you no longer have them, you should also find this code straightaway on your vehicle. It is important to know that according to the year, several locations are possible. This is why we list a large number of potential areas on your Ford E Series:

On your vehicle at the following locations

Color code inside the cabin of your Ford E Series:

– At the driver’s side door of your Ford E Series
– Hinge of the driver door
– Behind the driver’s sun visor
– In the rear window area
– In the trunk, left side
– On the trunk door inside

Location of color code under the hood:

– At the hood opening on the motor side of your Ford E Series
– In the engine compartment, top, right or left side
– Inside cover side, top left or right


Here are the different places where you can locate the color code of your Ford E Series.
Be cautious, it may be on a small metallic piece that is not very visible.

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