The engine of your Ford Focus will probably stop while you are driving. This is obviously a dangerous situation to which we must absolutely try to respond as soon as possible.
The idea of this article is simply to give you some information in order to see more clearly about potential failures and to identify them. We will try to inform you about the different causes that could lead to problems.
Various circumstances that make your Ford Focus stall

Why does your Ford Focus stalls when driving ?

First thing, the pressure regulator. This precious part is designed to control fuel pressure. However, it sometimes has malfunctions and therefore stops the engine.
Another essential part, which can often be the cause of engine letdown, is injection. Combined with this, a faulty pump or ramp can also cause the sudden cut and therefore your Ford Focus that stalls. Be aware that many parts are associated with the engine. Also, a pressure sensor with an incorrect information delivered can disable the entire system on your Ford Focus.
In addition, it will also be necessary to check on the fuel pump side. If your engine no longer receives fuel, there is no combustion and it is not able to provide the car with energy. This fuel pump may accordingly have holes in it and no longer fulfil its main mission, consequently your Ford Focus will stall.
Try to eliminate each potential situation in order to see more visibly about the possible failure of your Ford Focus.
Next problem we will consider is a story of a wire that would be disconnected and could potentially touch your bodywork. In this case, it would result in the system shutdown that would occur for safety and your Ford Focus will stall. In this case, it is less demanding to find the origin because the bodywork of your Ford Focus would be ruined by the electric current.
Rare problem but which can also appear on your car, your Neiman switch may be damaged.Why is it so ?Simply because of the anti-theft mechanism that locks the steering wheel to protect against a likely attempt of theft . In this case, it is very easy to recognize it, your steering wheel will be blocked, it won’t usually be while driving.stalls-while-driving-ford-focus

Electronic components of your Ford Focus

Let us consider now an electronic failure on your Ford Focus that makes your Ford Focus stall while driving. On your electronic circuits, a part may be barely damaged and as a result have a poor current flow which will have repercussions on the whole vehicle. A simple example: the ECU, which is an essential part of the electronic circuits, will lock up and can pass this on to the engine, resulting from a shutdown. As regards the ECU, your BSI Box, which allows precisely the ECUs to communicate, can perhaps be the origin because, as explained earlier, these parts are essential and could make your car stall. A slight defect may affect the engine and provoke it to shut down on your Ford Focus.
Be careful though, we recommend you not to proceed to the replacement of this part yourself, because it is specific to each car. It is therefore necessary to ask a professional to do it .
What about the alternator ? It is one of the parts that project electricity into your vehicle and as a result if it no longer works, other parts may not be powered, such as the computer. If not the alternator, the battery could be the cause. It supplies power to your Ford Focus and therefore in the event of a failure it would have the same consequences, your car will stall.

Conclusion on your Ford Focus

If, however, your Ford Focus stalls rather than staying at a standstill, the problem is different. Check other parts, like the EGR valve. The latter simply blows off the exhaust gases. For example, it may be dirty and the evacuation may not be carried out effectively. In this case, you will basically see it because there will be more opaque fumes than usualy on your Ford Focus.

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