You have finally found the fuel leak that had been difficulty for several days but now you can’t get rid of the smell of gasoline that pollutes the interior of your Chevrolet Cruze.
If you have not quite discovered the origin of the fuel smell, we recommend that you check out our article on the subject: “Chevrolet Cruze smelling like gasoline”.

In the case you have identified it, we will explain how to solve it and bring back a healthy smell in your Chevrolet Cruze.Remove-smell-gasoline-chevrolet-cruze

Different steps to remove the smell in your Chevrolet Cruze

First of all, if the fuel source is inside, you must find it and absorb as much as possible. Make use of old cloths or mops that should be discarded after handling as they will not be reusable.
For the remaining fuel that you are unable to absorb inside your Chevrolet Cruze, use the support of the sun. Indeed, if you keep your vehicle in full sun for a few hours, some of it will evaporate.
Now, for the remaining part, you need to prepare a cleaning mixture.
We recommend using carpet shampoo mixed with water. Prepare this in a bucket to come with a homogeneous mixture. It will be efficient for your Chevrolet Cruze. Apply vigorously with a cloth or the green side of a sponge. You will also need to throw away what you work with here.
Another useful mixture is a mixture between a third of water, vinegar and finally baking soda. Also very effective in eliminating odours in your Chevrolet Cruze.
Rub vigorously for a few minutes. Then, you must dry out as much of the location as possible by absorbing with different cloths. The sun will complete the end of the work.

Now that the stain is cleaned, here are some tips to permanently clear away the smell in your Chevrolet Cruze.
First reflex, an anti-odour spray, special for cars. Be careful, however, if you have leather or other coating in your car. Take something appropriate.
Alternatively, you can employ baking soda, which will absorb these unpleasant odours of your Chevrolet Cruze. Sprinkle the area and let it work for a few hours. Repeat the operation for several days for an ideal effect.
Another very effective product that we don’t necessarily think about is cat litter. Indeed, this is basically meant to retain and absorb the odours of cats that are strong. So it also works very well for your Chevrolet Cruze. It is recommended to let it work a little longer than baking soda (a full day would be very effective).
Finally, we advise that you use ground coffee in the area in question, it also has very powerful odour absorbing effects.

Here are the different tips you can practice to find a clean and odourless interior.

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