Over time, we cannot avoid the degradation of our assets on your Audi A4, but it is nevertheless very strongly possible to postpone their obsolescence with regular maintenance on your Audi A4. Your steering wheel has recently jammed and you are worried about how it happened, and especially how to clean it? In this article, we will try to provide you with an answer to help you.
To begin with, you should know that you yourself are the one who is damaging the most flying vote. Over time, the continuing mini frictions and a little sweat damage the steering wheel of your Audi A4 and make it stick. To increase its lifespan, remember to wash your hands if you can before driving or simply have a waterless soap lotion in your car.
Here are now all the little tips that we were able to test and get on the Internet to make your life easier.
First we will discuss solutions for leather steering wheels, then plastic ones that sticks.


Leather steering wheels that sticks:

  • Special leather wipes for your Audi A4
    Whether it’s for car or even sofa, given your wipes are made for leather, they will be good on your steering wheel that sticks. You can find it in supermarkets or in car shops. You will also find this in the form of a spray can.
  • Nourishing leather for your Audi A4
    To maintain a quality leather, it needs to be hydrated. A nourishing cream or milk could do just as well, check out the internet.
  • Nivea Creams
    It may seem unlikely, but these creams moisturize and nourish the leather very well. As explained above, they could be the solution for an aged leather on your Audi A4 that needs a makeover and sticks a bit.

Plastic steering wheels that sticks :

  • Plastic renovator
    Some sites list you and rank the best products according to what you are looking for for your Audi A4, google the best plastic renovator and you will get a lot of information.
  • Soap
    Grandmother’s trick that can be very effective for your Audi A4. Try to rub gradually and then strongly to remove the dirt so that it no longer sticks.
  • Glycerine soap
    Also a grandmother’s recipe, it can be found in all sports shops, horse riding department for your Audi A4.
    Spray on the plastic, let it work for a few seconds, wipe the sponge, rubbing a little on the stains, rinse the sponge, rub it again with a sponge and that’s it, it might not stick anymore.

This solution, in addition to being effective, is not very expensive for a Audi A4.

So here are some tips that we expect will help you maintain the steering wheel of your Audi A4 and prevent it to stick.
Remember that light but regular maintenance considerably increases the life of your equipment.

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