Your Honda Accord doesn’t start anymore and you understand it’s because of your immobilizer but you don’t know exactly how it works or how to find it? We will try to provide you with an answer in this article.
First of all, we will describe what this famous immobilizer is for and how it works on your Honda Accord.find-anti-start-code-honda-accord

Anti-start utility on your Honda Accord:

This one is of course used as an anti-theft protection. Indeed, it is programmed in order to start your Honda Accord exclusively if the key that has this code is inserted. We keep in mind these films where thieves operate a few wires under the dashboard to start the engine, which is very unlikely with the anti-start system.

Anti-start operation on your Honda Accord:

To put it simply, we have a transmitter and a receiver that work together to validate the operation and consequently switch on the engine. The immobilizer has the transmitter, and will therefore issue a code request when the key is inserted in your Honda Accord. Imagine this transmitter as a doorkeeper who would ask for an a way in code when someone knocked at the door.
This code request is directed to the key, which in turn, sends a unique user code, specific to the start system, and assuming this code matches, then the anti-start will make the engine start.
The operation is very simple. However, when mentionning double safety, we also imply potentially more chances of breakdowns or various failures unfortunately.
In the next paragraph, you will find the various breakdowns you could face on your Honda Accord.

Immobilizer failures:

There may be various motives that prevent your Honda Accord from starting because of the immobilizer. First of all, stupidly, you’re not using the right key. It may seem not important but it happens!
If you have the right key, you have two options left:

  • Option n1: The transmitter is involved, so the immobilizer. In such a case, it is easy to identify if you have a duplicate key. If, with the two keys of your Honda Accord, you have the same difficulty, then it is the anti-start that is flawed and therefore must be replaced or disabled. Completing this task will cost less than replacing it, but your car will be more exposed to theft and your insurance may not cover you if your car is stolen.
  • Option n2: The difficulty comes from the receiver, the key, which transponder has been harmed. This can be changed for less money by a professional than the anti-start system.

If you speak to your mechanic, he will obviously offer to tow your Honda Accord and charge a high price for everything, he will not give you the code easily. For security reasons alone, it is legally impossible to transmit the code to you. You must send your car.


  • – First try to determine where the failure on your Honda Accord came from. Then act accordingly. It would be a shame to replace the entire immobilizer system when the key is defective.
  • – Make a quote at a garage and then consider an alternative at an online professional, which will often be more efficient and less expensive.

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