The engine code of your Chevrolet Cruze is of essential importance for various reasons. It will make it possible for you to buy the right parts, related to your car. This will constantly be requested by auto parts dealers, as they want to know what type of engine is in your Chevrolet Cruze.
It is in a wayto have the identity card of your engine. Without this, there is a good possibility that you will not likely be sold parts, or it will be at your own risk if they are not suitable.
This code is found among the vehicle identification number (VIN), commonly known as the serial number.
So we will try to locate the serial number on your Chevrolet Cruze.find-engine-code-chevrolet-cruze

Location of serial number:

On your Chevrolet Cruze:

the engine code can be located on a sticker that is fixed to the driver’s side door. If it’s not there, look under the hood. It would be located on the front part of the engine. In any other case, on the driver’s side, at the lower side of the windshield, check behind the wipers. Eventually, look at the hinges on the edge of the driver’s door of your Chevrolet Cruze.
You now find yourself with of a series of numbers and letters of 17 characters.
This is your Chevrolet Cruze’s serial number.
To deduce your engine code, start from the tenth character from the left.
You will find a letter, which corresponds to a year of construction. Without going into the details, each year corresponds to a letter (between 1980 and 1987: A – H) (between 2010 and 2017: A – H). Certain rules of correspondence of letters and years apply for the other years.
You must also provide the 8th character of the code, which corresponds to the engine code of your Chevrolet Cruze.
You consequently need to provide two letters, one corresponding to the year of manufacture of the engine, and the other to the engine code.
So here’s how to access your engine code directly on your vehicle. It is also possible to find this code thanks only to the registration document of your Chevrolet Cruze or its maintenance booklet.

On the registration document of your Chevrolet Cruze:

On your vehicle registration document, the information is in zone D.2, linked with the vehicle type. Get the two letters from the middle of the code to find what you are interested in.

Finally, you willalso find your serial number on:

Your maintenance logbook

On this one, look at the first page, you will find a label with different codes. Specifically, look just below the engine power, expressed in Kilowatts (KW). Here you will find your engine code of your Chevrolet Cruze.

If perhaps you have any further questions about the Chevrolet Cruze, do not hesitate to consult our Chevrolet Cruze category.