It is often tricky to find the serial number of your Honda Civic. In this article, we will try to provide you with an answer regarding its location but also to make clear what the serial number is used for. In a few words, it is used to recognize a vehicle and associate it with its owner just by its vehicle registration document.

First we will identify the usefulness of this serial number.find-serial-number-honda-civic

Serial number utility on your Honda Civic

If you ever get your Honda Civic stolen, you’ll report it to the police station. Consequently you will give your serial number so that it could be listed. If your vehicle is found, its number will be compared with the one on the list, and you will therefore be alerted by the police forces. All stolen vehicles are therefore logically included in this list. This number is much more authentic than license plates, which are extremely interchangeable on your Honda Civic.
From an insurance perspective, this number identifies the vehicle and ensures that there is no fraud. It is probably tempting to switch an identical vehicle to another insurance company as a way to benefit from it.
Secondly, we will try to find the serial number of your Honda Civic

Location of serial number on your Honda Civic

Option n1: It is located on a sticker that is attached to the driver’s side door.
Option n2: If you open the hood, the serial number might be located on the front part of the engine.
Option n3: Driver’s side of your Honda Civic, at the bottom of the windshield, behind the wipers.
Option n4: At the hinges on the edge of the driver’s door.
Here are the different potential areas where one can find the identification number.


Last but not least, before finishing this article about your Honda Civic’s serial number, we recommend you to use this number to avoid potential scams. Actually, if, for example, you wished to buy a car with a different serial number than the one indicated on the registration document, then it could mean that the vehicle was stolen. Be aware, therefore, to verify the conformity of the numbers. The same applies if these were difficult to read on your Honda Civic, damaged or appear to have changed. Possibly someone with bad intentions tried to modify these serial numbers to match the one in the registration document of your Honda Civic.
This would prevent a delicate situation where you may very well buy a stolen car, or worse, one that was used for a burglary.

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